South Kesteven is an exciting and thriving district of 140,200 citizens in Lincolnshire. Its main towns include Grantham, Stamford, Bourne and Market Deeping. South Kesteven’s excellent connectivity makes business easier, with direct rail access to London in 70 minutes and 80 minutes to Sheffield, part of the Northern Powerhouse, many of its towns situated on the A1 motorway. South Kesteven offers great opportunities for business and also beautiful towns and villages to live in. Although house prices in the area have increased by 30.4% during the last 7 years, they are still lower than the national average. South Kesteven has some of the best schools in the area.

Average house price – £
South Kesteven East Midlands United Kingdom
Jun-17 £202,057 £182,166 £223,257
Jun-16 £188,254 £170,091 £212,887
Jun-15 £176,172 £158,960 £196,802
Jun-14 £163,246 £151,454 £185,476
Jun-13 £154,389 £141,367 £172,655
Jun-12 £154,166 £139,459 £170,049
Jun-11 £154,779 £137,793 £167,753
Jun-10 £154,918 £142,143 £171,689

Source: Land Registry – UK House Price Index (2017)

Over the 7 year period from 2010 to 2017, house prices in South Kesteven grew by 30.4% compared to 28.2% in the East Midlands and 30.0% across the UK.

House price to earnings ratio
South Kesteven East Midlands United Kingdom
Jun-16 9.41 7.77 9.22
Jun-15 8.89 7.54 8.77
Jun-14 7.99 7.25 8.40
Jun-13 7.01 6.77 7.91
Jun-12 7.26 6.81 7.91
Jun-11 7.54 6.85 7.95
Jun-10 7.69 7.04 8.09

Source: ONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings – Workplace Analysis (2016) and HM Land Registry – UK House Price Index (2017)

The South Kesteven house price to earnings ratio is slightly above the national average at 9.41. It is also considerably higher than the regional average. This ratio has also increased by 22.5% since 2010, much higher than the regional growth rate of 10.4% and the national growth rate of 14%.

Given that house prices have increased roughly in line with regional and national trends over the period this would suggest that growth in earnings in South Kesteven has been much flatter than at regional and national levels. This reflects the finding in section 2.3 that suggest that the median gross weekly earnings in South Kesteven have actually reduced over this period.

Stamford is a prosperous market town. In 2013, Stamford was voted by the Sunday Times as the best place to live in the country. Its combination of beautiful Georgian buildings, established companies and excellent transportation links (Stamford is situated on the A1 and is only 70 minutes by train into London). Stamford mixing the traditional with the modern, from beautiful Georgian offices in the centre of town to modern office buildings.

Bourne is a historical market town which is experiencing rapid growth. At the south of the town 2,000 new homes are being developed along with neighbourhood shops, a school, parks and additional community facilities.

On top of a strong agricultural sector Bourne has also built a proud tradition in motor racing and manufacturing being the birthplace of Raymond Mays, founder of English Racing Automobiles and British Racing Motors.

More recently, a growth in retail has also seen the local economy flourish, benefitting the town and its many surrounding villages.

The Deepings is a thriving market town only 8 miles from Peterborough (only 50 minutes by high speed rail to London). The Eventus Centre in Deeping can offer your business state of the art modern office space.

Grantham is known as the gateway to Lincolnshire with its A1 motorway links and high speed rail service to London (just over an hour). Grantham is ideally positioned for businesses with customers in the Northern Powerhouse cities as well as London. It is within easy commute of London to the south and Sheffield to the north.

Grantham is the home to South Kesteven District Council. The town recently won two awards. Firstly it was named as one of the top commuter towns in the country with good value property and secondly, as one of the best towns to live in Britain. Its most famous residents are Sir Isaac Newton and more recently, Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Grantham has an expanding and developing town centre which many leading businesses call home. The national charity ‘The Woodland Trust’ has its headquarters in Grantham and is a major local employer.

“The Woodland Trust has always had a home in Grantham. Historically we located here in the early 1970s as this is where our very first employee was from, and some 40 years later we see no reason to leave. Grantham has a real sense of community. Its people are friendly and there’s never any shortage of skilled applicants for the jobs we advertise. There are excellent road and rail links meaning it’s ideally located to enable our staff to travel to our wonderful woods around the UK. This is our town and we love being part of it.”
-Helga Edwards, Director of Corporate Services

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